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A Very Bad Dream Last Night

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So this was my dream last night:

I was hung, as in "by meathooks", by my hips and shoulders from the ceiling, face down. It doesn't hurt so much as it is truly bizarre, but I realize very quickly that I am Legato Bluesummers in this dream which basically means.

I. Am. Screwed.

In more than one way. I know right away, the darkness, the meathooks, the body... This is going to end badly. But really, I have no idea.

So up comes this man, well, I can't see above the bottom of his rib cage or below his knees, but I assure you it was a man. He kind of stands at a distance and talks to me. This really sweet, soothing voice, kind of high for the Bad Things aura he gives off. He pulls one of his arms up into the shadows and comes back down with a knife. Then he comes towards me.

He pets my hair, which I don't like. Already I just want to run away. I want to be awake. I want to be able to move my arms or see my hands. I am begining to suspect that I have no arms.

He pulls my head up towards his stomach, and other things, and then pushes my head back, so my skull rests against my back, this doesn't hurt, but it's confusing. His hands are warm and kind of oily; he has a gentle touch. He presses the knife to my throat, testing the firmness of my skin.

Then he slashes it right open at the base of my jaw, tearing past my voicebox and ripping up my esophagus and wind pipe. My catroid and vena cava burst like nothing and blood sprays everywhere. I hear my heart flutter pathetically as the blood flow starts to stem off and then finally, I am drained and my heart stops.

I am not dead. I can still move, look, blink. But my heart is still and my whole body is very cold.

I glare up at the man, who has pushed my head back even farther. I can feel him smiling down at me almost beatifically. He tests my bare throat with his fingers and I can feel this. He presses his fingers up the back of my throat and pulls my tongue out through the back leaving me unable to speak. I know this, even though it is not possible.

Then he fucks my throat. Slow, leisurely. It doesn't hurt it's more... Annoying. It's unpleasant. It's gross and it makes me feel like I'm throwing up every time he pulls back.

Then he stops.

He enters my skull through the end of my mouth, pressing up into my sinuses and maybe farther. I shut my eyes. This does hurt. He starts going at it, this time harder and faster, laughing when I start to cry. It feels like I'm being stabbed in the brain, my neck strains not to snap my spine. THERE IS NO OTHER FEELING COMPARABLE TO THIS.

He comes. In my sinuses and I open my eyes. Again I can feel him smiling. His fingers caress my left eyelids, pulling them down over my eye and then pulling them wide. He pops reaches in and grasps my eyeball, pulling it out with a wet pop and cutting the nerve like a bit of gristle.

Then he procedes to urinate in my eyesocket. He knocks my head back into place and piss splashes everywhere, mingling with blood and the semen that is leaking out of my nose.

He drags his fingers and the knife along my back and comes up behind me.

The next part is just painful. All I can guess is that he either fucked me with the knife or cut a new hole and fucked that. Mostly I remember not being able to see and being in alot of pain and feeling really... violated. Disgusting. I wanted to cry, but I just couldn't.

When he finishes that he slides the knife down my stomach from my collar bone to my genitals. My guts fall out like nothing, holding on, but hung like a gorey swing. Comparatively it really isn't bad.

Then the man comes underneath this curtain of intestines and gives me a mind destroying blow job.

What the fuck?

Worst thing is, I kept having flash backs to the dream all fucking day.
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On January 18th, 2006 05:33 am (UTC), intravenusann replied:
My subconcious is a total criminal. It needs to be locked up and beaten regularly.

I don't know if I want it to be castrated, because sometimes it thinks good things, but 99% of the time it doesn't.

The sad thing is I'm getting used to this kind of thing. However, this was just too weird and it colored my whole day in badness so I figured I needed to share.
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