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This morning I had a dream that my family was in Boston for a lacrosse tournament of my sister's. We were staying a little outside of Boston, where hotels would be cheaper. We were just off the highway, which was surprisingly not busy, and if you looked under the overpass bridge, you could see Boston. (Oddly enough the same view you would have if you came in "the normal way.") The highway and a road going down the hill were perpendicular, while the road that went over the highway made three roads a triangle. It was at the point of this triangle, where the two roads that were not the highway intersected, that my sister's tournament was. There, I met a local boy, whose sister was also competing. We ended up walking away from the tournament together, across the field that was bounded by the highways. Both of us were bored, and wanted to go back to our respective homes. We came to the highway, which I need to cross to get to my hotel. "I live on the south side," he side, in a Bostonian accent. "Oh, that's that way," I said, gesturing towards to overpass. He nodded, and parted ways we did.

Oddly enough, it took me a couple of hours to realize that I had catalogued this under "memories" as opposed to "remembered dreams." Really, the fact that I was in a hotel (and that it was outside of Boston, but there were no suburbs, just open fields and endless roads) should've clued me in.
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