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And · then · I · woke · up...

Matt Dream

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I'm sitting in the back of a white Asian sedan with broken airconditioning. The windows are rolled down and my hair keeps getting pulled out the window. It must have been doing this for a while because my scalp hurts. Katie has her feet up on the middle seat of the car and she wakes up slowly, maybe because I'm staring at her. Matt is driving and somehow he knows she's woken up and turns around to look. It doesn't really matter that he isn't looking at the road, because there's no one on it. I recognize it, the road from SoCal to Truckie. I drove here with my parents once, it's straight and flat and hot. I listened to the Eagles the last time, but now we're listening to some anonymous rock station which can barely be heard over the wind.

We pull over to a pitstop with a Wendy's in it. Even though the road was empty the parking lot here is pretty full. Inside the Wendy's are alot of people I know: at the tables, ordering, standing by the windows and smoking. No one talks, but there are the sounds of cooking and eating and smoking and walking and movement and breathing. Some people wave, some people just smile, and some people purposefully avoid eye contact with me. It really depends on who they are.

Katie and Matt are holding hands as they go to order food. Katie looks at me and I know she's asking if I want anything, but I just shake my head no. In the line for food Matt is all over her, as usual and it kinda makes me feel sort of uncomfortable. I feel really alone. Whatever reason I'm here, I've forgotten. I cross my arms over my chest.

The door chimes. Someone's come in, well two people, whose boots (definitely boots) are out of step. I turn around just as Sarah reaches my shoulder. Joe is there too and I hug them both. I realize I must have been waiting for them. Yeah, we were going to meet them. Katie turns around just in time for me to wave good bye. She pokes Matt and he half-heartedly waves good bye too, as do some of the other people I know. Joe tilts his head and I look outside. Oh hey, motorcycles.

And that's it, we leave, and we drive and I'm happy even after I wake up. Or maybe not happy, but somehow at peace.
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